Baby Dental Visit

Baby Dental Visit

4 months in utero

calcification of teeth begins! Don't forget to take your prenatal vitamins and calcium! Your baby's teeth are developing now!

6 months - teething begins

you'll see little lumps of red gums on the lower front area of your baby's mouth, crankiness and irritation may happen. once the baby teeth show, your baby will feel much better. Keep this area clean by wiping the gums with a washcloth daily... keep the cavities away!

7-12 months

Baby teeth keep emerging! it's important to keep these teeth clean DAILY. Clean your baby's teeth using a washcloth and grasping the front and back sides of the tooth.

12-16 months

Baby molars begin to emerge! Your baby will eventually have 20 baby teeth. Clean his/her teeth daily using a toothbrush and a small "pea" sized amount of toothpaste every day.

6 years

Your baby's first ADULT tooth will emerge- look far in the back behind the last baby tooth.

Dr. Mismas recommends having your baby visit the dentist by age 1. This will be a great learning opportunity for you and your baby. If you are missing any areas when brushing, Dr. Mismas will let you know. She has years of experience working in community clinics and education is her priority for parents as well as children. Dr. Mismas also supports parents and family being present with their child during exam visits.

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