Boost! Teeth Whitening

The most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure in our Las Vegas office is tooth whitening. Divine Dental offers a couple of different options for tooth whitening, but the one we recommend most is the BOOST! Teeth Whitening system.

If your smile isn’t as white and bright as you would like it to be, BOOST! may be the perfect solution for you. Learn more by calling 702-396-2929 today for a free consultation


Dr. Rachel Mismas and her staff use the BOOST! whitening system because it is quick, easy and highly effective. Compared with other cosmetic dentistry procedures, it is relatively inexpensive.

In fact, Divine Dental treats patients from all over the world because BOOST! is much less expensive here than in other countries. Some come to see us in Las Vegas just to get their teeth whitened, while others are in Vegas for fun or business and decide to come by for a quick visit, while they are in town. Whatever the reason, they all leave with beautifully white smiles!

What To Expect From BOOST!

Teeth Whitening

You will arrive at our office for your treatment and leave about an hour and a half later with a considerably brighter and whiter smile! While the measurements are not an exact science, you can look forward to your teeth being six to ten shades lighter.

The BOOST! Tooth Whitening system uses a high-intensity, light-activated hydrogen peroxide gel to whiten your teeth. The treatment itself takes an hour, with an additional 20 to 30 minutes spent on getting set up beforehand, and on checking your teeth afterward.

Steps to a whiter smile include:

  1. Preparation: Divine Dental will put a blocking substance on your lips, gums and other soft tissues to protect them from the whitening light. We will also provide you with protective eye goggles.
  2. Whitening: During three 15-minute sessions, the whitening gel will be placed on your teeth and the light will shine on it. During that time you can listen to music or just rest.
  3. Follow-up: A five-minute fluoride treatment will conclude the session. Your dentist will then give you a follow-up kit to take home. You can use this to further whiten your teeth if possible, or keep it for touch-ups later on.

BOOST! provides you with immediate, long-lasting results without harming the enamel. With good dental hygiene, your new bright smile can last for many years.

Using Take-Home Kits

Dental Take Home TraysDivine Dental will be happy to give you a professional-grade at-home kit if you would prefer to do the tooth whitening in your own time.

At our office, there are two ways whiten teeth at home.

  • Custom trays: the benefits of custom trays are the fit and ease of using gel every few months whenever you want to refresh the whiteness of your teeth.  These trays will last you years so long as you do not get braces or have crowns made afterward.  First, we would take an impression of your teeth and have two trays made, upper and lower. They will fit your teeth exactly, and therefore keep the whitening gel in consistently close contact with your tooth enamel.  Individual syringes of gel can be purchased at our office.  Typical patients use two syringes of touch up gel every 6 months. 

Your kit will contain several syringes of a whitening gel of a strength you and he agree on as being most appropriate. Some people have extra-sensitive teeth and would not want the strongest whitening gel. The kit also will contain a syringe or tube of desensitizing gel, in case you do feel some sensitivity as you do this treatment. There’ll be a shaded strip so you can assess your progress.

Divine Dental will explain how to use the kit. You can call if you have any questions, and after your treatment, you could schedule a visit so we can assess your progress.

  • "Go" gel.  These are prefabricated trays which are the most convenient way to do touch ups.  If you have read this far, Dr. Mismas (that's me writing this page) will reward you by providing you one free sample of "Go" trays so you can try it at home (one sample per patient! and you must be a current patient).  These trays can also be used at home instead of in-office whitening.  They are THAT EFFECTIVE.  These trays are also economical.  The directions are in the box but basically you would open the package and there is one upper and one lower tray which is pre-filled with whitening gel.  You would place the tray over the upper (or lower) teeth and allow your lips to cover the trays.  If you decided to purchase these trays, they come in boxes of 4 or 8.  They make great gifts and even bridesmaides gifts.  Our patients love them.  The only downside of using these trays is it takes longer than in-office whitening and one must be consistent in the whitening and touch-up process.  For me, personally, I did the in-office whitening once and have maintained with "Go" touchups every 3 months.  Its been 3 years and I may consider doing an in-office whitening again.


If you have a dream of whiter teeth and you live in the Las Vegas area, please contact Divine Dental today for your BOOST! Tooth Whitening appointment. Contact us through our website or call 702-396-2929 for a free consultation. We’re conveniently located near communities including Summerlin and North Las Vegas, and we look forward to hearing from you soon. A brighter smile is just around the corner!

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