Mini Implant Post Op Instructions

Please read closely these post-operative instructions.  Pay special attention to any verbal directions and understand that everybody is different and every person may experience different symptoms.

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Even with minimally invasive surgical procedures a certain amount of bleeding is to be expected after any surgery of the mouth. Continued bleeding may occur for 24-72 hours.  Leave the gauze pack, dental prosthetic, temporary or permanent crown in place taking care not to disturb or cause excessive agitation at the surgical site for several hours or until bedtime.  Do not suck on the mini dental implant site or disturb it with your tongue.  In the rare instance bleeding is excessive, wipe away any large blood clots, and then close down firmly on a provided wet clean gauze over the surgical site for 30-45 minutes.  Repeat the procedure.  If this doesn’t stop the bleeding, call Divine Dental’s office number or cell phone number provided.


The duration of a patient will experience numbness varies on the type and amount needed for the dental procedure. While your mouth is numb, take particular care to avoid biting on your cheek, lip or tongue.  Take extreme care while the mouth is numb and refrain from chewing or eating until the numbness has subsided.  The feeling and sensation should return within a few hours, if it does not, call Divine Dental at the numbers listed above.


Slight to moderate pain can be expected after placement of a mini dental implant. To minimize the pain and control of infection, take your prescribed medications as direct and two Tylenol within one hour after leaving the office.  Repeat the medication as instructed.  If any discomfort persists do not increase the dosage or shorten the time between dosages.  If you have any difficulties with the medication call Divine Dental and an appropriate pain management protocol will be discussed.   You can expect to be drowsy from the medicine and you should not ingest alcohol, operate machinery, or drive an automobile while taking the medicine.

Swelling and Discoloration

st  For the next few days afterward use heat; a heating pad, or hot water bottle.  Some discoloration of the skin or bruising could also be expected following surgery.


A slight increase in temperature may occur.  Check the temperature for the first 10 days, several times a day.  If it is above normal (98.6 degrees), take 2 Tylenol tables every 4 hours.  If you have prolonged or severe pain, swelling bleeding, fever, nausea or vomiting call us.


You are encouraged to drink plenty of fluids and eat soft nutritious foods. The day following surgery you can eat any foods which can be chewed and successfully swallowed.  You may not be able to return to a regular diet for approximately one week.  Avoid hot liquids and alcoholic beverages for the first two days.


If sutures have been placed – they hold tissues and hasten healing. After w a few days they may cause a “tight” feeling.  This is normal and will be relieved when the sutures are removed or dissolved.


You should not rinse or use mouthwash until the day following surgery. Initially rinse delicately with warm salt water (1/2 teaspoonful of salt in 8 ounces of warm water) every 1-2 hours and after meals.  Avoid spitting or drinking from a straw on surgery day.


A semi-reclining position and rest for several hours following surgery are recommended. Avoid strenuous activity the first day or two following surgery.  Sleep with your head elevated the night of surgery and cover your pillow with a towel if needed.


Any surgery and/or pain medication can cause this; also this may be due to a change in diet.


You may experience numbness of the lower lip and/or the tongue following any surgical procedure involving the lower jaw; also in the area where any incisions are made. If so, do not be alarmed as this is temporary and may only last several days to several weeks.  Extended periods of numbness can be related to the level of involvement of the surgical procedure.

Nose Bleeds

Stuffy sinuses and nose bleeds may result due to the placement of the implants or location of the teeth to the sinuses or any procedure in the sinus area. Normally this heals without complications.


Keep the lips lubricated for the first few days after surgery with Vaseline. Your lips may be sore, particularly in the corners, and this will prevent them from drying out.


If nauseated and it persists, please call Dr. Mismas directly.


If you become nauseated or develop a rash or itching, please discontinue your medication and call our office immediately.

Sore Throat

This may occur secondary to surgery. Chloraseptic lozenges or oral spray will soothe this effect and remedy it, usually in a  few days.  If this persists of one week, call our office.

Sore Teeth

This may result following surgery and is to be expected. Also, sensitivity may occur with the teeth near the implant placement site or a sensation that your bite may be off.


To be changed as directed or by Doctor.

Post Operative Hygiene

Use mouthwash, water-pik, and specialized implant or prosthetic cleaning brush. It is imperative to the success of the mini dental implants that you return for regularly scheduled hygiene visits with Divine Dental.



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