Toddler Dental Visit

Toddler Dental Visit

14 months (typical: 12 to 15 months)

The first molars come in on the bottom and the top at about the same time.
Did you know? Primary teeth, or baby teeth, are brighter white and smaller than permanent teeth.

18 months (typical: 16 to 22 months)

The sharp, pointed teeth called the canine or cuspid teeth, emerge on the top and bottom.

26 months (typical: 20 to 30 months)

The very back teeth, or second molars, grow through the bottom gum.

26 months (typical: 25 to 33 months)

Your child's second molars on the top come in soon after those on the bottom.

Two to three years

Your child has a full set of 20 primary teeth, also known as baby teeth.

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