Mountain Dew And Appalachian Teeth


In the Appalachian regions of the United States, many people are extremely poor and geographically isolated. Due to the price, taste, sugar, caffeine and probably other factors, Mountain Dew might as well be the official beverage of the Appalachians. It has become such an ingrained part of the culture that people of all ages drink it pretty much all the time, often instead of water. This has caused a serious dental crisis in the region. The constant sipping of Mountain Dew has rotted the done such damage to people’s teeth that it’s even given its name to the rotting brown mess it causes—“Mountain Dew Mouth.”

Politicians have suggested trying to curb the problem by banning people from buying soda with food stamps. This seems like an unlikely solution as people are probably going to find another way to buy Mountain Dew if they are addicted to it. Perhaps the Appalachians need their own Love Your Teeth Day.

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