Tooth Care

Tooth care is one of the most important aspects of life, and yet is misunderstood by many people as to the reasons why it is so important. Most people think that they are brushing, flossing and going to the dentist for two main reasons, those reasons being that they want to keep their smile white and avoid the pain associated with cavities. What many do not realize is that caring for your teeth also helps your body avoid sickness, illness and other ailments that can have a serious and even deadly effect on your health. While having a nice smile and pleasant breath is certainly important in today's society, maintaining your own health is even more important.

It is suggested that a person brush and floss their teeth after every meal, and also before going to bed and after waking up. While this may seem excessive to some, others understand that you are controlling the buildup and growth of bacteria in your mouth when you brush at these times. Before bed, you are preparing your mouth for a period of seven to ten hours where there may be decreased saliva production, grinding and other less than desirable actions that occur when you are asleep. In the morning when you wake up, it is important to immediately remove any buildup that has occurred during that period. By practicing the act of brushing and flossing at these specific times, you will significantly reduce the amount of bacteria that grows in your mouth. This bacterial growth has a damaging effect on your overall health, leading to illnesses that can be avoided by simply keeping your mouth cleaner.

In addition to mornings and nights, dentists will suggest that people get into the habit of brushing their teeth after they eat. This will loosen and remove bits of food which have become lodged in between your teeth and in the nooks and crannies that naturally exist. Rinsing your mouth out with water is also suggested after meals if brushing is not an option. By removing the bits of food that will begin to decay in your mouth, you will assist your body's natural defenses against plaque and bacterial growth, providing better health as a result. By taking proactive measures to avoid the causes of decay and bacterial growth, you limit the ability for bacteria to gain a foothold.

Caring for your teeth is as important as taking medicine that is prescribed by your doctor when you are ill. It assists your body in maintaining itself, and prevents the body from being overwhelmed by the growth of elements that can be harmful. Even those who meticulously brush and floss daily and after meals still need to see a dentist a minimum of twice a year in order to have a professional cleaning to remove the buildups that brushing misses. Your dentist can clean your teeth to a level that you cannot at home, making this the last bit of tooth care that is crucial. Practice diligent home care of your teeth and seek a professional cleaning during suggested intervals and you will preserve your smile and health throughout your lifetime as a result.

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