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Children’s Dentistry

Most dental offices will offer a variety of specialties that extend beyond the standard practices that are expected. While most any dentist office will provide the generalized services of checkups, cleanings, xrays and fillings, more specialized areas of practice will involve additional certifications and education. Because specialized dentistry involves these additional aspects of study, not…
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Toddler Tooth Care

It may be surprising to learn that the most common childhood disease is tooth decay. It is a widely held belief that toddler tooth care isn’t important, because primary (baby) teeth will be lost once the permanent teeth begin to erupt. Most parents aren’t aware of the seriousness of this until a dentist recommends extensive…
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Pediatric Dentist

Most people in the United States know that a "dentist" is a specialist in the medical care of the mouth and teeth, and the majority of these people would also understand that there is a significant amount of training and education that goes into becoming a dentist. One of the aspects of the profession that…
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Infant Tooth Care

Infant tooth care is far more important than many parents realize. Many parents assume that since the first teeth will be replaced eventually by adult teeth, that it is unimportant to concentrate on the care and cleaning aspects the way adults do. Unfortunately, nothing is further from the case, and establishing healthy baby teeth is…
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